"Ola Wave" Review in August 2017 Issue of Record Collector Magazine

Zane Campbell
Ola Wave
Emperor ER 101
Hillbilly hero pays familial dues

Zane Campbell’s is a world full of heartbreak, the mealy gruel of the greatest country yarns. Tragedy’s his hoodwinked heritage, a rancid vinegar running through these cuts like bootleg liquor. His Aunt Ola Belle Reed, another of the lineage’s black sheep, wrote a mass of melancholic mountain minstrelsy, compiling grief-stricken catalogues of loss and exile, before telling Roy Acuff where he could stick his Nashville. It’s to her that this mini-album is devoted, a collection of Reed originals and her nephew’s own songs driven by the forever bond between two Appalachian bluebloods. And it’s a humdinger, with duelling flumes of rousing gutbucket and fiddle recalling Rich-R-Tone circa Stanley Brothers. Campbell’s beaten tones – think George Jones and Merle Haggard – verge on sob-stricken ruin, buried beneath the punitive burden of memory, before unfurling an impassioned wildcat howl, a throwback to his punk days with Satan’s Slaves, but also an inheritance bestowed by his beloved Belle Reed. While her fine music belatedly receives its due, thanks in part to the archival efforts of Dust-To-Digital, its time her nephew’s music was bestowed the same consideration. Spencer Grady


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