Zane Campbell

Zane Campbell


Limited Edition CD housed in Stoughton old-school tip-on jacket with original artwork by Zane. Released February 2015.



1. Lost So Long

2. Layaway Plan

3. Post Mortem Bar

4. Arms As Frail As These

5. Memory

6. Save Your Breath

7. Fess Up

8. Though I Don't Know You Now

9. High on a Mountain

10. Bringing The Boys Home

11. Potter's Field


"Just the rawest country album I've heard in a while." - Lars Gotrich, NPR Music

"It took Waylon and Willie and a whole bunch of compadres to create Outlaw Country, but Maryland outsider artist Zane Campbell has invented a whole genre all by his lonesome self. Call it Outsider Country. It’s a mongrel sound of twisted hillbilly, hardcore honky-tonk and a punk attitude. His debut, a half-century of hard living in the making, is stone classic Americana, with parables of sin and redemption laced with acid wit and the grit of his mountain forebears. His recitation “Bringing the Boys Home,” is one of the most profound and moving songs about the wages of war since Bob Dylan’s 'John Brown'.”  

Eddie Dean, author of Pure Country: The Leon Kagarise Archives 1961-1971 (Process) and co-author of Man of Constant Sorrow: My Life and Times by Dr. Ralph Stanley (Gotham).

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